Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Our School

1. For how long has the school been operating?
Friedrich Froebel Bilingual School was founded in the Northwestern town of Aguadilla in 1982 by Mrs. Silvia Rodriguez Marin. Our institution has been serving the families of the region for the last 38 years. Its Ramey Base operations began in 1990 and Froebel has been a vital part of that community ever since.

2. Which is the primary language of instruction in your school?
American English is the primary language of instruction at Froebel, with exceptions in courses such as: Spanish, Elementary school Social Studies, P.E., middle & high school Health, and History of Puerto Rico.

3. Is the school accredited by any reputable organization?
Our school is accredited by El Departamento de Educación, Middle States Association of Collages and Secondary Schools, licensed by El Consejo General de Educación and affiliated to La Asociacion de Educación Privada de Puerto Rico. Our MSA accreditation was renewed in 2018.

4. Is this an expensive school?
Our enrollment fee for next school year will be $618 (USD). Monthly tuition ranges from $226 to $231 (USD) for elementary and middle/high school respectively. Discounts are available for families that enroll additional children. We invite you to shop around and compare prices. You will find our prices to be more than competitive. However, prices should never be the main criteria when making decisions regarding your child's education. We dare say that you’ll get more than your investment’s worth because our service is second to none.

5. I work long hours, does the school provide after hours care?
Our institution allows for a pick up time frame from 3:00 to 3:30 pm, where the elementary and middle school teachers personally hand over the students. Those that haven’t been picked up are automatically passed over to our care system.

Parents not arriving on time for pick up, but that do that only sporadically will be charged $3.00 for each hour or fraction.

Those parents in need of contracting our services on a monthly basis will be charged the following way:

  • 3:30 pm -4:00 pm    $40.00
  • 3:30 pm -4:30 pm    $50.00
  • 3:30 pm -5:00 pm    $60.00
  • 3:30 pm -5:30 pm    $70.00

The parent will make the payment at the beginning of each month of service.In the eventuality of the pick up being made after the agreed time, $3.00 will be charged for each hour or fraction thereof.

6. Why is it necessary for my child to take a placement test prior to admittance in your school?
We need consistent and current information on your child’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, in order to assess if your child will be prepared to engage classes in a way that will allow him / her to have a successful first year at Fröebel. We make placements based on a number of factors including teacher recommendations, grades, and test scores.

We cannot emphasize the seriousness of the placement test enough. Based on your child’s scores, he or she may be required to participate in mandatory summer school or participate in special programs. He / she must complete the test that will provide information about levels of preparation in all subject matters of his / her grade level.

7. Does your school keep up with the latest in educational theory?

Absolutely. Our teachers frequently attend Title II funded workshops and seminars to help them maintain their professional edge and learn the latest in pedagogical theory. Our teacher have either Bachelors, Master's, or Doctoral degrees in education and are licensed by el Departamento de Educacion de Puerto Rico.

8. How often does the school invest in technology?

Students take classes in our internet ready computer lab and make use of other technological media in order to keep our education relevant to today’s needs. All high school, middle school, and upper elementary students take class in smart classrooms equipped with internet access. We take great pride in our roboust fiber-optics infrastructure. There are plans to extend this model to lower elementary in the near future. The creation of a virtual high school is entering its planning stage. However, during the current pandemic, the school successfully launched a distance education version of the school. This will continue until the current lockdown is suspended. Froebel Bilingual School is so invested in being in the technology forefront that its facilities are mostly solar powered.