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Ramey, Dec. 22, 2018 – It can be argued that Froebel Bilingual School, in its current form, is the result of the collaboration of hundreds of individuals that have contributed their vision and unique talents in developing a unique educational organization through the span of close to four decades. However, it’s important to understand that none of this would have been possible without an original and singular vision serving as the foundation and engine of all the efforts that have shaped this institution. Froebel Bilingual School, above anything else, is the child of Silvia Rodriguez Marin.

In order to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Mrs. Rodriguez, or Doña Silvia, as she is lovingly known, a special reception was celebrated the evening of December 22nd, 2018 at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel, in Ramey. Stakeholders, alumni, old friends and family members attended this event to honor Mrs. Rodriguez’s contributions to children’s wellbeing and to the academic community of western Puerto Rico since 1982, when the school was founded. As part of the celebration, a biographical documentary titled "Silvia", premiered that evening to the delight of the guests. Since Mrs. Rodriguez hails from Mexico, a local mariachi, entertained the guests with some classic Mexican folk songs.

All in all, the event was a memorable, delightful and well deserved celebration of the vision and hard work of a mother and educator that thought that children should be treated with love, fairness and as the primary reason behind any and all curricular and extracurricular activities that take place at a school. All of those that have benefited from this vision salute and thank Doña Silvia for the gift that Froebel Bilingual School has and will continue being. Salud!

Ramey, Dec. 15, 2017 – Last September our school was subject to the most perilous test in its entire history. Hurricanes Irma and Maria ripped through our beautiful island devastating its landscape, power grid and infrastructure leaving, in its wake an unprecedented humanitarian crisis like we’ve never experienced before. Froebel Bilingual School was not spared. Being in the hurricane’s eye wall path, the facilities suffered extensive damage. Most trees were knocked, destroying most of the fences; several classrooms lost their rooves, cables were ripped to shreds; the picture was one of unprecedented devastation.

In spite of it all, the indomitable spirit of our staff, under the bold leadership of the principals, turned things around as day after day debris was removed and reparations took place. Froebel even reached out to the community by offering free lunches (up to 200 daily) to several local companies and government agencies (both state and federal) to help get our airport and community up and running. Those days were very dangerous and difficult. Many questioned how much longer they could bear. The lack of power, water, fuel and other basic necessities created a mass exodus of unprecedented proportions. Still, hope thrived among the members of the Froebel family.

Our school, on the other hand, was subject to the kindness of others that witnessed our struggles. Amongst the many that befriended us, we’d like to particularly acknowledge: Lufthansa Technik, the PR National Guard, the Army Reserve, the Port Authority, Ms. Paris Jackson, Dr. Alison Thompson, the Hoffert Family, and many others.

Froebel reinitiated its operations with a full schedule and almost all services mere three weeks after Maria’s unholy visit. This is all proof of God’s grace, our staff’s commitment, and our leadership’s tenacity. While others still struggle to get on track, Froebel Bilingual School has proven its service is second to none in Puerto Rico, just ask any of our parents or our students. If you’re curious about what were all about, give us a visit and see for yourself. As our island recovers, we renew our commitment to serve the youth of our island.

Ramey, Sept. 1, 2017 – Last year, we informed our community about the steps being taken by the institution regarding the upcoming MSA reaccreditation. The self study process provided by the Middle States Association has been a tool that has allowed us to choose a path that has proven successful through the years. We are happy to inform that the process has been completed and the results forwarded to this prestigious organization for consideration. The results of this self study have led to the creation of an exciting action plan that will expand Froebel’s capabilities and offering well beyond what we currently do.

However, an important part of our reaccreditation is still pending. Ms. Viviam Salib will be chairing the MSA Validation team that will visit Froebel Bilingual School next November 6-9, 2017. During that week, we’ll be entertaining this team of educators from abroad and helping them to get to know what we’re all about: being the best there is at what we do!

What we do is innovate. From the adoption of Singapore Math to curricular changes in Spanish and English, from a solar powered infrastructure to the implementation of a cinematic sub-culture, from the birth of our high school to smart rooms, Froebel never stops reinventing itself to better serve our youth. We’re constantly stepping up to the plate.

We’d like to encourage our community to stay tuned to new releases regarding this important event and to the unveiling of our upcoming plans. We promise not to disappoint and get you to be as excited as we are.

RAMEY, February 9, 2017 – For the first time in its history, Froebel Bilingual School celebrated its first ever educational fair. 1ra Feria Anual Educativa is the brainchild of our new counselor, Betsaida Diez Sanchez. This event was part of our first School Counselor Week which was celebrated February 6 thru 10, 2017.

According to Ms. Diez, the goal of the fair was to impact middle and high school students in the academic, personal, and occupational areas of their lives. The student body enjoyed exhibitions, orientations and demonstrations by resources from the following participating organizations: AMMSCA, Department of Health, School Counseling and Orientation program, Commission for the Prevention of Suicide, Labor Department, University of Puerto Rico, Antillean Adventist University, K9 Division of the Police Department and many others. This event was sponsored by Ediciones Santa Maria (SM), Froebel Bilingual School and ES Fitness.

There are already plans for the celebration of another fair next year. Our seniors were particularly impressed by the relevance and usefulness of the fair that we’re sure will greatly aid their decision making this year.

RAMEY, October 26, 2016 – FILIUS, a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing innovative services to individuals with disabilities. It also trains health professionals and educates families on strategies to achieve the optimum development and proper functioning of individuals with disabilities and disseminating the results of research projects on the different components of human disabilities has entered into a partnership with Froebel Bilingual School and the Marelsy Hernandez Foundation. Dr. Nicolas Linares, founder and director of FILIUS (which is a Greek word for brotherly love), and his team of specialists treat conditions such as: Autism, Aphasia, TBI, ADHD, Cerebral paralysis, Specific learning disabilities, and other communication and learning disabilities. Left untreated, these conditions can impair the academic progress of any individual.

A broad spectrum of strategies is used to treat these conditions. They include: Speech therapy, psychomotor circuits, Agro-therapy, Skateboard therapy, and several forms of Aquatic therapy. Located the facilities of Froebel Bilingual School, FILIUS's services are provided by appointment only. If your child or any other individual you know of with these condition is in need of an intervention feel free to contact us at (787) 890-2544 weekdays, during working hours.

To learn more about FILIUS go to or call (787) 250-0000, Ext 3024.

RAMEY, August 24, 2016 – It is a very exciting time at Froebel. The new school year has begun, giving us the opportunity to reflect upon our achievements but also to rethink the direction in which our dear institution should move. Our goal will always be to offer the best education possible to the youth of our community, but figuring out how exactly to do that is something else entirely. And this is something we take very seriously. Fortunately, the self study process provided by the Middle States Association is a tool that has allowed us to choose a path that has proven successful.

Froebel Bilingual School is almost at the end of its seven year cycle. This cycle has seen the adoption and implementation of the Singapore Math curriculum at the elementary school level, the construction of smart rooms in majority of our facilities, the reinvention of our power infrastructure, and the emergence of Froebel Bilingual High School; just to name a few. Froebel reinvented itself and evolved in order to meet the need of our community. However, the world has changed a lot in the past seven years. Now again, must we.

As the staff of Froebel begins to engage the lengthy process for the renewal of its Middle States Association accreditation next year, we renew our pledge to academic excellence and to the pursuit of innovation in our services in order to meet the ever changing needs of our students. Froebel Bilingual School will always remain a place where our children can dream, aspire and soar. We are excited about the new things we will be able to do for you, and we know you’ll be excited too.

RAMEY, August 6, 2016 - A new school year begins and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ll be kicking off the year next Monday, August 8, 2016 with the arrival of our new PK students. The following day, our kindergarten students will begin school. Wednesday, the 10th will be the big day, as grades 1st through 12th come.

We welcome our entire school community and hope that together we can, once again, create the magic that makes Froebel Bilingual School the magical place it is. In Froebel our students can always dream, aspire, and soar.

RINCON, May 26, 2016 - A watershed moment was added to Froebel Bilingual School’s history with the graduation of the Ohana Class of 2016. Commencement acts took place at the beautiful Rincon of the Sea Beach Resort during a sunny afternoon by the magnificent Bay of Rincon, May 25, 2016.

Hosted by school secretary Debbie Acevedo and students Paola Morales and Danny Garcia, the ceremony was dedicated to our fantastic Principal, Luis “Wichy” Rodriguez, who was as surprised as he was touched. Much deserved indeed!

An interactive video presentation and a short school documentary of Froebel Bilingual School’s history, prepared by Ohana 2016, were the highlights of this event. Valedictorian Astrid C. Lopez gave a teary-eyed speech and so did principals Silvia Rodriguez and Luis Rodriguez as the significance of the event sunk in and overwhelmed the audience. All in all, it was a happy day to be treasured by faculty, parents and our new alumni. Many blessings to Ohana and success in their life pursuits.

RAMEY, May 23, 2016 - Boredom just died! Enjoy this summer at Froebel’s Kid’s Great Adventure Summer Camp! Designed for children ages 3 to 15, the camp will take place at our school’s facilities from May 30 to June 30, 2016, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Our summer camp includes free breakfast and lunch and a variety of activities that includes: basketball, baseball, and volleyball workshops, go-cart driving, Zumba, beauty institute seminars, horse riding, pool lounging, field trips (inquire about pricing), and much more.

The cost is only $210 per student for 5 weeks of fun! Bring a brother or a sister? Knock $10 off! For additional information call our school office and ask for Janet Rivera, who will answer all your questions.

RAMEY, May 10, 2016 - For those of you that haven’t realized it yet Froebel Bilingual School has a YouTube channel. It is regularly updated with videos produced by students, teachers and our school’s Cinematography Club. Therein you will find a variety of media that ranges from advertisements to short films, from inspirational videos to school events.

If you haven't checked it out yet we cheerfully invite you to do so and subscribe so you can receive notifications of our most resent uploads. If you enjoy any of our videos feel free to like, share, and comment on them.

Our YouTube channel is another outlet for the wit, creativity, and talent of our wonderful school community and an open invitation to come in and join our effort in learning, growing and expressing ourselves using visual language.