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A Safe Return to School

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

It’s not over… ‘till its over.

At the end of last Spring, it seemed like we had finally taken a turn for the best, with the COVID-19 vaccination efforts in full blast. With millions of people getting their shots, the promise of a return to normalcy looked more within reach. But then millions of people decided, they didn’t want the vaccine and the return to normalcy screeched to a halt once more. Global data trends show that the coronavirus pandemic isn't over. Not yet.

It’s vital that parents stay in touch with the school to learn about the health and safety protocols that will be implemented.

After a long time without stepping into classrooms because of the COVID-19 pandemic, both students and parents may feel anxious when faced with a new adjustment process as classes return to school rooms this academic year. However, any apprehension should be tempered with the realization that Froebel Bilingual School has taken all the necessary requirements to provide a safe environment for on site instruction.

As ordered by the local government, COVID vaccinations will be required for all students ages 12 and up. Evidence of vaccination will be collected by the homeroom teachers for verification. Masks will be mandatory for all at school. To learn more about our safety protocols, access our COVID Safety Measures in this web site’s home page.

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