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Back Again at the Home of the Space Generation

Welcome back!

After a well deserved recess, we begin a new school year with such a powerful enthusiasm that we would probably reach the moon faster than the next Artemis lunar mission!

Our plan to evolve further at the Home of the Space Generation is moving along as we add new initiatives to improve our services among all the members of our community. This school year, we will be adding:

· The Froebel Bilingual School Weather Station, that will collect data with its solar-powered instruments. This data will be used in some of our science courses and shared with third-parties in the region.

· The FBS Orchard is making a comeb

ack through a partnership between the 4H Club, the science faculty, and a group of volunteers. The joy of enjoying the “fruits of your labor” will be more evident here than anywhere else.

· Fieldtrips and excursions are making a big comeback this year! Our kids need a little bit more of the outdoors. Additionally, student’s whose families that engage in outdoors activities could be eligible for credit work in the PE class through the use of the “Voy Turisteando” app.

· The Civil Air Patrol will finally be establishing a squadron in our institution, setting up opportunities for students interested in piloting small aircraft. Serving as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force, the CAP's mission is supporting America's communities with emergency response, diverse aviation and ground services, youth development and promotion of air, space and cyber power through aerospace education.

· Finally, to alleviate the morning traffic jams, a Student Drop-off system is in the works and should be implemented soon. The principal will be announcing details shorty through our media outlets.

You can see, there’s a lot going on and we’re very well prepared for any eventuality. Our energy independence and expansion of water collection and purification systems make us feel confident regarding the future. We are ready to go and we hope so are you! We wish you all a great year at Froebel!

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